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2017-01-02 10:33:45 Alexey Mikhaylov (off_minor)
Two problems (01/01/2017)
# 7017
Yesterday during the match "Humans-2015" - "Luffarna" there were two problems.
1. Between 16:00 and 17.00 (CET) was total falling of the server. All games (2) of the 1st round played at this moment were destroyed. Fixing of the current situation in these games didn't record in results. We were forced to play these games after the 4th round "from clean page".
2. The instant messenger between participants of the game room is periodically destroyed. You press on a nickname of the player to which you want to send the message, but the window with the "profile" and "send the message" buttons isn't created on the screen. You have to leave the game room, and again return to it - the messenger begins to work again. It is very inconvenient, distracts from a game and captain's duties.
3. Someone from Euroleague Committee reads our claims? There is no feedback.
Happy New Year for all! And beautiful, interesting games in Euroleague!
Best regards, Alexey.
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