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2017-01-15 21:52:44 Alexey Lebedev (wkstealth)
lots of bugs during Dark Team-Wake game
# 7028
during our game, Jan 15th 19-00CET, there were lots of bugs, starting at the end of 2nd round.
1) players couldn't see when move was done (for example, second game between dt_angst and wkwasted) - wkwasted needed to refresh page every second to have at least some idea of what's happening. Other example - first game between wk0artifact and dt_peaceman. same bugs later in other games.
2) wkwasted won first game against dt_peaceman, but site thinks that 5 in row is not a win -
3) wkwasted and dt_peaceman had problems starting second game - they both clicked "Start", but game didn't start. They had to recreate the table to start the game.
4) even other players couldn't see what was happening at some tables and even who played at the table
5) in players section, some players were shown without any rating. Of course not critical, but a sign of system problems

All these bugs make playing normal game impossible - players can't focus on a game, they have to refresh pages, ask others if everything is ok, etc. all the time. Please, make the site work stable or move EL back to playok.
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