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2017-03-13 18:31:48 Ɓukasz Majksner (scammer) server crash - PROTEST
# 7065
Ladies and gentlemen,

I, as Get Rekt captain and gomoku player at the same time, would like to manifest my objections about as Euroleague server and disrespectful behavior of Euroleague Committee.

Everything started in the last quarter of 2016 when Euroleague Committee made a questionable and in effect reprehensible decision to move Euroleague playing server from ( to newly created and untested after 12 years of Euroleague being played on the former. The decision has been made without any sort of consultation, not even team captains were asked about their opinions on this matter. As a result all players interested in Euroleague had to agree with this decision and start playing on a new server which they had not known. To conclude this part, in my opinion by making this decision Euroleague Committee showed its direspect towards players and their needs.

The 2016/2017 season of Euroleague competition started and meanwhile we could observe many bugs and Piskvorky creators' constant attempts to fix them - here I would like to appreciate their hard work and willing to make the site as good and solid as possible. Unfortunately due to the lack of their experience bugs kept appearing from time to time. The climax has happened yesterday, in the 5th round, when 4 matches at once were played with over 60 players online on The server crashed and admins were unable to fix the issue quickly. The server was down for about 2 hours and thus none of interrupted matches could be continued. Euroleague Committee decided to prolong the round for additional weak, just as stated in the rules.

My team and I disagree to play the interrupted match this week on We find it highly unfair and disrespectful not only to us, but also our opponents - Thunderstorm, and all other teams (and more importantly - players themselves), who suffer because of the whole situation. We are fully aware of losing the match by walkover (-:+), but we will never agree to be treated like cheap pawns in your ridiculous chess game. Dear Committee, please start thinking about the participants' need, not only those you have, otherwise one day you may have to play Euroleague within your five-member squad.

And last but not least, we would like to postulate:
1) moving the Euroleague playing server back to ( or an other working and stable gomoku playing site;
2) prolonging the 5th round of Euroleague by at least two weeks;
3) asking at least team captains about any major decisions made to the rules/playing conditions.

We have been saying that the site hasn't been working since the beginning and we haven't been listened to. Euroleague should have been moved back to kurnik from the start. We hope that you will listen now.
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