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Forum: Euroleague
2009-12-22 14:04:49 Marko Pellikka (pellikka)
RE: 3vs3 mistake
# 4411
I don't think that the meaning of the fair play can be generalized by referring strictly to the rules.

First I'd like to remind that I'm not trying to change what already happened. I just want to bring some ideas that could be taken into consideration when the rules for the future (not this season) are being revised.

It is my personal opinion, that offering a chance for opponent to play 3 vs 3 is an act of fair play towards opponent team. I also believe that I'm not the only one with this opinion.

I agree, that having only 3 players available for a match is worth 13PP.

I don't agree that a team having 4 players present during all the match, but still chose to give a chance for opponent by playing 3 vs 3 would get also 13PP. That's too much.

But as Tomo said, defining different special scenarios for rules is problematic. And each special scenario may result having other complications that can't be easily foreseen. One problem is that you can't say if the fourth player is really available to play although he would be online.

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