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Forum: Euroleague - results
2011-01-10 21:17:47 Ilya Katsev (lobromozel)
RE: break in match
# 5228
Good evening

We highly respect our Round 3 opponent team, which is why we tried to postpone the match on the last day of the Round and we kept preparing a lot. Unfortunately, a rematch could wind our prolonged preparations away, as our current opens and particular branches have been revealed. We believe that a rematch would decrease our chances compared to the match that, unfortunately, due to the server failure, could not succeed yesterday. This is the main reason why we decline the rematch offer, which results in a permanent draw according to the Euroleague rule 7.8.3.

The three players on our team are having examinations right now, whilst the remaining four are relatively aged and have serious jobs and obligations other than studentship and playing gomoku, which is why we cannot afford organized gathering on a more frequent basis than once a month.

We sincerely wish you good luck in the forthcoming rounds.

Best regards,
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