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Forum: Euroleague - results
2011-01-10 22:54:25 Alex Popiel (lolamaza)
Re: break in match (aka nerve storm)
# 5236
Dear Opponents:

With respect to Zukole's perfect wording mentioning the fact that our team was down after the first round, I can say that the same had happened during the fixture with North Pole, which, however, could not prevent us from winning the whole match. So please do not flatter your self-confidence too much.

With respect to highly esteemed AliceCooper who mentioned the fact that after only 25 minutes the DW players were back on site, I can say that personally I could not and I can prove it with the corresponding data (two automatic print-screens taken on 19.55 CET [My game with Zukole, move 29] and 20.25 CET; and a manually taken print-screen of 20.27 CET) showing that the server was still down, the data being available from me at any time by request.

With respect to another statement by AliceCooper of our captain's presence on the site while all of the other LXO players could not access it, he told us later that he never left the site and it did sometimes refresh for those users who had not abandoned the page. In the meanwhile we were trying to access the site but unfortunately failed to do so due to reasons not depending on us.

And, finally, with respect to the statement on our captain's "too late to play," it must have been about the server that was continuously fading, not the team members. Maybe a misunderstanding between two non-natives of English :)
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