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Forum: Euroleague - results
2019-05-10 14:40:39 Pavel Laube (kedlub)
IS WTTS match
# 7140
Dear all,

let me express my curiosity about the current situation with the IS - WTTS match. What I understood from the Committee decision after the round 7 is that following this well described crash it was decided to make an accommodating step towards both teams and allow them to play their match during the round 8 (which was also prolonged), while using temporary result for pairing. As exceptional as this decision was, I understood it and appreciated as a way to resolve the unlucky misunderstanding. Now the round 8 is over, even new pairing appeared for the round 9 and yet there is no result of the IS – WTTS match. So I am asking what happened? I don’t need to explain that every such exception has impact on pairing also for the other teams and the whole fairness of the competition and it is highly undesirable to prolong temporary solutions for the eternity. From what I can see (without knowing the private communication) it appears that both teams showed zero effort to actually play their match – which astonishes me even more knowing that Bromozel and Zoli sit themselves in the EL Committee and it should be their very responsibility to ensure the fair progress of the competition and compliance with the rules. So guys in EL Committee, what will be the solution?


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