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Forum: The Rules
2014-01-08 15:49:53 Michał Żukowski (zukolepl)
RE: 8. Move of players
# 6780
I am waiting for official opinion of EL's Committee :-).

Some words.
Point 4.3 - One round lasts 21 days. Every round starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday at 24:00. There can be some exceptions according to the Committee’s decision. Bano wrotes, that he asked EL Committee in Monday, when should be just new round. Sometimes were instances, that captains add new player in Monday and was ok. Is one difference - they did this BEFORE pairing new-odd round. Saw someone just data without pairings here? In previous seasons pairings were in Tuesday, but wasn't information that is new round. Maybe for system new round = pairing new round. Now we have a precedent. System blocks trying to add new player in odd round, and EL Committee decided to add new player for team Violent Pandas. It is a breaking point 8.1 rules (I quoted earlier).

EL Committee can make exceptions (point 15.1), and they used this point, but why? We know, that was problem with EL's site, just Gregi (captain VP) can add new player after match VP - Final Fantasy, not earlier when site does not work. They have time for adding like iec, which added player ouups for team Outsiders. Only rational(lol?) argument is "we can and we want make this because is 15.1".

I have nothing personal to players Violent Pandas and I'm glad that ondik wants play in EL, but it would be better if Pandas add him BEFORE new round in system. Now I repeat - we have a precedent which is good for VP, maybe for Committee and passive observers. Is it not fair for other players, because Committed did exception from rules for VP.

I hope, that Committee will don't write about EL's server and data of match Violent Pandas - Final Fantasy. I explained this. I want to know if were another arguments for yours decision.

- Zukole.
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