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2014-01-08 22:34:37 Igor Eged (ancientdragon)
RE: 8. Move of players
# 6790
I agree, the request and then the response and information about our decision should have been put into the forum, that might have been the mistake in this case.

As it was made by committe member, we handled it directly in the committee forum and we forgot about this nuance, our fault..
The committee used the voting mechanism where we approved this change, the request was within few hours after the pairing, I know I made the pairing this time in rather unusual time of the day, but we had a holiday and I waited until some results were corrected and confirmed (there was 8-2 personal result for purkys I think).

Yes, in the past the round pairings were often published in the night from monday to tuesday (last one just before this one was may be even on sunday) and the mechanism allows the captain to add the player only within defined timeframe (after their result in even round is confirmed and before I start next round by creating it in the system with pairing), so the captain could not have breached the rule 8 as the program doesn't allow it, only person that can add him is the administrator on request from a committee member or organizer.

So no rule was broken, we can only discuss about the conditions, fairness in regard to previous similar cases, I read about Black Magic case (tbh already forgot it but it surely must be in committee forum archive), may be there were also some others, but the circumstances, general atmosphere and also members of committee were different.
Or theoretically there can be a discussion why which member of committee made such and such vote (not exactly important in this actual case but generally), but I guess if captains would want some change in rules or committee, they can suggest it and offer some alternative.
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