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Forum: The Rules
2014-01-09 13:32:40 Ɓukasz Majksner (gmusiek)
RE: 8. Move of players
# 6798
1. Why do we protest:
- situation was not exceptional - server was back on during last weekend of even round, gregi was online, so he could easily accept ondik on time. His failure is not enough excuse to make such exception.
- due to EL rules date of request doesn't matter, because it was made after even round, which is against EL rules. Comparing to my case I was ignored (or not informed, feels same). Longer period after regular is not good excuse due to EL rules. Moreover BM had theoretically higher priority of adding new player, because after joyoman's quitting it was left with 4 player, while Violent pandas was left with 6. It means EL Committee is inconsequent.
- we do not judge your decision due to strengthening Violent Pandas more or less, but because it's clear partiality. Bano as Committee's member made the request to accept well-known strong player, Committee agreed almost immediately, while the situation was not exceptional. Unfortunately you didn't break rule 8.1, because not captain accepted ondik, but administrator due to Committee's decision... Is that fair?
- we do not want to exclude ondik after all this case, but we want Committee to confess it was a bad decision (unjustified) and maybe make some changes in rules to distinguish the case when such request is made 6 hours of beginning of odd round (eg. 72h) from case it's made later. It would avoid similar problems in the future.
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