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2014-01-09 23:01:51 Vladimir Nipoti (angrypanda)
RE: 8. Move of players
# 6802
Lets explain it once for all and conctrate our energy on more important things.

From what I know almost all the votes who agreed with the addition of pandik1 were based on the grounds of the motives mentioned by Iec. You can consider it an official explanation.

For me, personally, the main reason to add pandik was that the round was really weird with EL server and that the request was made really fast after (yes after) the pairing. I can assure that if anyone made the same request with such circumstances (maybe even without server collapse but few hours after the pairing) my vote would be yes (I can't talk for all the committee). Lets not compare other cases because all the cases mentioned were made days after the pairing, not hours. If I knew the pairing will be made so early, I would probably ask iec to publish it later. Then there will be no problem and noone would complain.

Even though you tried to spread this unnecessary wave by writing it on national forums, I consider this case closed. And maybe one more thing, we were probably going to publish the decision later (our mistake we didnt do it immediately), but zukole was faster.

Best regards

PS: If anyone is not content with the current rules, he can always write a proposal with new adjustments and enhancements and we as committee will always negotiate it with an appropriate conclusion.

PPS: Usiek: I will ignore your fake accusations about "partiality" etc. and hope that in the future you will understand what you have written. Other questions were answered by iec.
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