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Forum: The Rules
2014-01-10 00:21:57 Ɓukasz Majksner (gmusiek)
RE: 8. Move of players
# 6806

The point is: you say you would vote "yes" if similar case happened (short time after regular period) and yesterday you told me you'd say "no" if the time was longer (like my case). Please tell me how is it connected with rules? It just depends on mood of yours and other Committee's members?

You say that my accusations about partiality are "fake"... Can you tell me why do you think so? This is just a sentence with no arguments justifying it. Please read mine once again and tell me when I'm wrong or when I'm lying. And I'll repeat myself - in my eyes it is a partiality. Are you trying to threat me? It feels like "you will regret you words".

Unnecessary wave? Of course, it would be best for you if people didn't notice that so there would be no discussion and noone would undermine Commitee's authority. But unfortunately for you there is and you should think more widely why it happened. It's not just our whim, we base on facts, rules and Committee's past behavior in similar case.
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