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2014-01-18 18:10:55 Tomo Dernovšek (jezek_si)
Summary of PPs aftre 4th round
# 6814
1. Sum of walkovers (3 walkovers=disqualification from the competition) :

2 w.o. Tvoje smrt

2. Penalty points of the teams (30 and more pp = w.o. in the next round):

13 pp Polar Bears
12 pp No To Co
10 pp Outsiders
6 pp Dark Team
5 pp Czech Payback
2 pp Demons and Wizards

A) Penalty points of players (15 pp = ban for the player in the next round)

(ban for the players) Punishment from the EL 2012/13
3 rounds: Kirill Koval (after he will join to one team)

B) Penalty points of all players of the same team (30 pp of all players of the same team = w.o. for the tam in the next round)
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